MoocData is a platform for providing online education data and competitions for researchers based on the MOOC site XuetangX from the MOOC team members at Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) of Tsinghua University. We are committed to helping you solve the intellectual problem of education and create a better online education environment.
With MoocData, you can use your wisdom and talents to solve interesting real-life education issues, whether you are an educator, an IT-related person or a student.

Group members
冯文政(Wenzheng Feng), Ph.D. student.
罗干(Gan Luo), Master's student.
于济凡(Jifan Yu), Master's student.
郭书宇(Shuyu Guo), Master's student.
王禹权(Yuquan Wang), Master's student.
钟清扬(Qingyang Zhong), Master's student.
毛亦铭(Yiming Mao), Master's student.
王辰昱(Chenyu Wang), Master's student of USC.
肖桐(Tong Xiao), Master's student of USC.
王逸凡(Yifan Wang), undergraduate.
王延鹏(Yanpeng Wang), undergraduate.

Former group members
敬峡(Xia Jing), Master(graduated).
李朝阳(Chaoyang Li), Master(graduated).
王笑尘(Xiaochen Wang), Master(graduated).
张菡(Han Zhang), Master(graduated).
陈振寰(Zhenhuan Chen), Master(graduated).
漆毅(Yi Qi), Master(graduated).
宋正阳(Zhengyang Song), Master(graduated).